Life is the Road – Humans of Cape
Life is the Road

“A lot of my songs are autobiographical. Of course, there’s some traditional things there that songwriters do; melancholy, loss, girl problems… I feel like my songs have two main veins: Bluesy, funky, goofy lyrics, or really introspective, soul-exposing type stuff. I have a song called ‘Finish Line’ and it’s about how the more you strive for a specific goal, the more you realize that even if you don’t reach that goal… look at the history you’ve made along the road you’ve traveled. That’s been everything you could have wanted along the way, all while you focused on something you might never reach. You’ve had all these treasured moments along the way. Sometimes a lot of people can waste all that time and never reach it, and then they feel like they failed or something; lived a life of regret. But the song’s about how there isn’t a finish line. Life is the road, you know?”

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