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Most Valuable Possession

“I would say my wedding ring. My husband and I have been together for 28 years, and when Illinois finally- they didn’t legalize gay marriage, but they legalized civil unions- so we got… I like to say ‘unionized.’ We looked and looked for wedding rings, and men’s wedding rings, for the most part, are fairly boring. I know some jewelry makers would argue that fact with me, but anyway, we finally found this ring which is actually a double banded ring with diamonds between the two bands all the way around that add up to 96 diamonds. Of course, we had to buy two of them and they each cost the equivalent of a house payment at that time. We had the money; it wasn’t like we were going to starve, but it was a big expense.

“So, it has a financial value to it, but more importantly, it has a sentimental value. It’s the only piece of jewelry that I have insured, but beyond that the emotional value to me is very high.”

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