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Glitz and Glamour

“I was born in a factory somewhere. I never knew my parents. Shortly after birth, I immediately started my career as a fashion model. It was a rewarding but hectic life. The glitz and glamour were an amazing experience, but in the end, the chaos really wore on me, both mentally and physically. It especially took a toll on my body. I am so stiff everyday!

“After retiring from my plane-hopping, high-fashion lifestyle, I found a new home here in Cape Girardeau. I live with a great family and have many friends here. I still love fashion and like to show off my swanky duds everyday. Fashion is definitely my creative outlet.

“I like to think of myself as a fashionable introvert. Sitting along Broadway, watching the people come and go is my daily ritual… Well, it used to be, until the pandemic struck. Now I keep my distance.

“You wouldn’t believe some of the things I have witnessed while sitting here! Oh the things I have seen and heard. People seem to think I am a good listener, so they come and sit next to me and tell me all their secrets. What am I gonna say? I try to keep my comments to myself.”

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