Outside – Humans of Cape

[6 years old] “I like to do everything when I’m outside. Everything in the entire world. I like to ride my bike and practice. Practice fighting stuff.”

Why are you off of school? “We get 3 weeks off of school because of spring break.”

How did you learn how to ride a bike? “First, mom took off the training wheels, and then she rolled me up the hill, and then we went down there. And the last time I went down there; it was super far. And I did it without pedaling- my feet were sticking out, and then I did pedaling, and then I didn’t have any more training to do. It’s fun. Next I’m going to learn to ride a skateboard, skate on ice, and tie my shoes.

“The best part of a rainy day is jumping in puddles! Because we get messy and messy is funny.”

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