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Cape is Friendly

“I’m from Atlanta. A death in the family- my son- brought me here. I’m glad to be here, though. It happened last year in March. He’s with the Lord. He’s in a better place. I’m okay with it. He was very sweet, he had the best spirit. He and I were so close. He was 35. I’ve made some good friends here. I plan on going to Memphis, Tennessee [for the holidays] to visit my daughter and two grand kids there. I’m a grandmother of 16. I hope that we all meet together there for Christmas. We do the turkey, we do the stuffing, we do the chitterlings, collard greens, ham. We do the whole works. Sweet potato pie.

“Cape is a beautiful place. I love it! I just feel so much peace here. I like it. It’s a clean town, and I’ve met so many friendly people walking down Broadway. I love to go down to the river. It’s some nice peoples. Very friendly. I have a daughter by the name of Marlo Hampton that’s on Atlanta Housewives. She is helping with raising two of my grand kids. I’m very proud of her. I think she was on Wendy Williams last week.”

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