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Ten Feet Tall

“It’s fun. I get to hang out with friends, meet new people. And it’s very fast. I like smashing the pins. The ball’s very oily; it’s hard to steer. It takes some skills. It’s also very loud. Like, you can’t really talk to people. You can’t really hear anybody very well.

“I play basketball, baseball, football, soccer. Mostly everything except golf and tennis. I’m not a slow person; I like action. Like in basketball, you go all the way down court, get trapped, get a turnover, fly all the way back down. So, I’m about to go… [takes turn bowling]

“They’re in their second game. We’re in the 9th frame.

“So [the handle on the ball] it retracts into the ball. It makes it a little hard to control; it’s frustrating, but when I get a strike, it’s worth it. I’ve been bowling for three years. So if I bowl, professionally, I’ll be the first dwarf professional bowler, I think.

“If someone tells me I can’t do something, I just say, ‘I don’t care,’ and I do it anyway. I don’t take my height as a disadvantage. I do what I want.”

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