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The Naturalist

“I end every single program that I do reminding people that going outside makes you happier (which is the most important), healthier, smarter and stronger. So, going outside is the best medicine! And right now, with everything crazy going on and our stress levels are super high, getting outside is something you can basically do for zero dollars. I mean, if you’re in your backyard, that’s free. You can go watch a cardinal in your backyard for nothing. Remember those old public service announcements – ‘The More You Know…’- I think, the more you appreciate it. So, I’ve been given a gift by a lot of people about how to read the forest, if you will, and learn about all the cool stuff and diversity that’s out there, and for me, it’s about passing that on to other people. It’s such a cool tool to help them be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier, and that’s… I think that’s what matters the most.”

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