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The German Cook

“Many people have German heritage here, and a lot of the stories are the same, only the people are different. People from the area here still speak a little bit of German, and I talk German with them from time to time, and I like to share my stories. Especially when we do the Oktoberfest and festivals, I talk about the specifics, to go a little bit deeper. I leave the grill alone for a little bit, turn the bratwursts and the burgers and then I go in front of the people and tell them about the history. Just give them a little lesson and tell them why this started, why this is this way… Ask them some questions, like, ‘Do you know how big Germany is?’ ‘Do you know how many people we have?’ ‘Do you know it’s only double the size of Missouri, but we have 84 million people there?’ All that stuff; I’m just talking. Many people are shy, so I take that off of them and just jump right in and tell them what they want to know (or don’t want to know).”

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