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Sellin’ Soap Not Dope

“I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. I’ve been in Cape about 4 ½, 5 weeks. What the company does is they hire young people from the inner city and teach them how to work. Put them in a shirt and tie, and teach ‘em how to go door to door and sell; how to do something positive and constructive with their time. You may get some doors slammed in your face, but it beats being out there trying to be stealin’ and robbin’ and the stuff you see on the T.V. That’s what we teach ‘em.

“The ages probably range from 18 to about 35. They hire you, they put you in hotels, they train you. You get paid, and they pay for your hotel; everything. Get to travel across the United States, they pay you a commission.

“Somebody came by my house, sellin’. I needed a job, he gave me a number. I called the people, they brought me into the hotel, I did the interview, they sent me out to Kansas City, Missouri, and I got trained up. And I’ve been doing it ever since; 11 years. Yes, sir. Sellin’ soap instead of dope; that’s our motto.

“You gotta be able to hear ‘no’ all day long, get doors slammed in your face, and still keep a good attitude. Somebody might come on the porch and call you all types of names, you gotta say, ‘Hey, I love you; God bless you, have a great day’, versus trying to argue with them and stuff.

“First thing you gotta do is pray. Get your pray on, ask God for the guidance, and then, when you get out there, keep a good attitude. Attitude is the best thing you can do, ‘cause if you walk around and keep a good attitude, association breeds. You keep a good attitude, you hit enough doors, it’ll rub off on somebody. You gotta keep that good attitude and it’ll all work out at the end. My motto is, I love ya, and there’s absolutely nothin’ you can do about it.”

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