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Modern Vintage

“I’m 16, I attend Central High School and I am in love with the 1940s. The clothes. The fashion. I’ve always been around antiques. Some of my earliest memories are in antique stores and I’ve just been fascinated by the clothes. When I was about 13, I decided that’s how I wanted to dress, so I started with the 60s and progressively worked my way back to the 40s and that’s where I’ve stayed. 

“I’ve found the 40s silhouette works the best for me. I just love the glamour. I love other decades, but to me, the 40s was where the glamour was the most. It was glamorous yet natural enough where it doesn’t feel costumey. I just love the history, and that’s the time where you saw women start to be more independent. During the war they took factory jobs. I don’t have plans to attend college, I just want to have my own vintage fashion store because it’s what I’m passionate about.

“I don’t have one on today, but i usually wear a hat because that’s what the women would have worn back then. I just love the completeness of the look. There was nothing left undone. I set my hair the way they would have done it. They didn’t have hot irons back then, so I set it in rollers every night and put a big scarf over it, sleep on it, and then I take it out in the morning and then I brush it.

“One modern thing I do is the internet, because I’ve learned from other people all across the world who are vintage. I’ve learned different tips and tricks. I have people follow me from France, from Peru, from New York City. I’m on this international vintage page because it is such a rarity. What I like about modern times is the internet; to be able to be connected with people like myself and not feel so alone.”

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