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Unadulterated Joy

35 years ago, this creative and goofy kid sat in shag carpeting and opened what, at the time, was the greatest thing he’d ever seen: the Optimus Prime Transformers toy. It was the end-all, be-all to his existence, and he was elated to receive such a generous gift. 

Now, 35 years later as a parent, I get to see the same kind of joy in my own kids’ faces when they get something they had their heart set upon. I also have the perspective as a parent that their joy brings me joy, too. 

We’re not all in the same place this Christmas, and there are those without. I am glad that there are great organizations out there doing the hard work to help those who are without resources this Christmas be blessed and fed and gifted today. 

Some of you are at work. Some of you are at home. Some of you are unabashedly celebrating the day, while others weep at the still stinging loss of someone they loved. This is what makes us human; this is what makes us vulnerable.

As the “Chief Human” at Humans of Cape, I want you to know that as you read this post, you are loved. You are important. You are a critical part of someone’s Christmas, even if they don’t admit it or can’t communicate it. Despite all the hustle and flow of the holidays, we’ve all come together to slow down and read some stories, and for that, I am thankful. You’re here, engaged, and I greatly appreciate you.

I sincerely wish you the very best day, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever the case may be. The key is to lift your head, smile, and share love with those around you. Thanks for being a nice Human, and I look forward to one day sharing your story, too.

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