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The Personal Touch

“When I’ve got time to myself, no obligations… I like to draw. I draw cartoons. I’ve been drawing since I was little. I’m good at drawing. Not people, but cartoons, illustration stuff. I like drawing Squidward. I just draw silly pictures and put little bubbles with words.

“When I worked at a hotel, I used to buy little envelopes for the housekeepers. I did the front desk, laundry; I did all of it. I would actually draw these little characters on the envelopes, like a teddy bear holding a pillow. Then I’d write ‘Please leave me a tip if you like’. It was real cute, and it actually… If you put it in the rooms, people actually left tips; ‘Oh, that card was so cute!’ It was more personal.

“My son takes after me there; he draws really good, too. I encourage that with him. We bought him a lot of stuff like that to keep him busy and do something other than playing video games. We bought him this wood burning kit, but he won’t really mess with it because it gets so hot, and he’s a little scared of it.”

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