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Organic Bliss

“Isn’t it a cool plant? It’s beautiful, I think. You walk through here and you’re harvesting, and now it’s at the point where you have to pull it down. It’s a little uncomfortable, but it’s better than bending over! So, I just love it. All these beneficial insects love it. The bees are constantly on it, and these parasitic wasps. It doesn’t get attacked by very many pests.

“I love it; I go through here with a cart, and then I’m just like, ‘Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop!’ It takes me an hour and a half, but I can listen to my book on tape and milk the day away.

“That’s my okra story. This is my favorite thing to grow. When you are a vegetable grower, that’s the question you always get. ‘What’s your favorite thing to grow…’ Okra. It just keeps producing like crazy. And the whole standing up thing! I just love it! I mean look at it; how can you not be happy in the okra patch, ya know?!?”

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