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Netflix & Chill: Snow Day Style

“I would take TV intravenously if possible. I waste more time watching television than any human really should. I love old movies, Cary Grant’s my favorite. I’ll watch every Cary Grant movie just about that’s on. I’ve had my heart broken many times by HBO. The Sopranos and Carnivàle and Deadwood; shows like that. You would get so deep into them and then they would stop them. It would tear me up because I would get emotionally involved. I even got to the point with the Sopranos that I made different Italian dinners every Sunday night when the new episode aired.

“And then Netflix came about, and I have a good story- House of Cards. I don’t know how many seasons it had been by then, but there was a new season. A snowstorm was coming and we’re about to get at least a foot of snow. I wanted to get snowed in and binge on the new season on Netflix! I had all my snow day supplies and we are trying to get Netflix setup and for whatever reason I am incapable. My coworker friend lives a block and a half away from me, so my husband went and picked her up and brought her to the house because it’s snowing to beat the band. I gave her a Bloody Mary and sat her in front of the TV. She went to work, but finally figures out that what we need is an Ethernet cable.

“My husband is a man of many talents but electronics isn’t on the radar. So he takes my friend home and I think he’s coming right back because she lives a block-and-a-half away. I’m looking out the window and you can’t see anything; complete blinding snowstorm. He stopped at Kmart. No luck there, so then he went to Best Buy, but they didn’t have it either, so he went all the way to Walmart. Now remind you, these were absolute blizzard conditions, can’t see anything out there. He found one though.

“That is how much the man loves his wife. It was just so sweet; he did all that for me just so I could watch House of Cards. He brings my friend back and we get it all hooked up. He made my snow day dreams come true.”

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