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Living the Norm

“You know Cheers? I’ve been watching every show. And I like the older shows, like Frasier, Golden Girls… So about every ten shows, you’ll hear somebody reference somebody else’s age in that show. And yesterday- I’m on season five- Norm got a new job. That big, heavy, suit wearin’, beer drinkin’ Norm, right? He got a new job, and he hated it. They were talking to him about it, and he was, ‘Oh, I’m so disappointed in my work life. I’m pushing 40,’ and so on, and I thought, ‘Pushing 40?’

“In my mind, he’s my dad’s age. When I was a kid, he was my dad’s age, and now, he’s supposed to be my age, but I still align him with my dad. And I think, ‘I’m that age. Is that what I look like? I’m the Norm now?’ It was so mind-boggling to me. I’m watching my ‘Dad’ on the screen, and then he says he’s younger than I am, currently. It just blew me away. Took me two hours to come off of it- that Norm Peterson from Cheers was around 40 during that show. I thought, ‘That’s where I’m at.’

“So, all of them, the same age. Cliff Claven, pushing 40, Frasier was pushing 40 at that time, so even the spinoff that became the show Frasier… he was just 40, 41-ish. And he had that apartment in Seattle and his Dad with him; that’s us. That’s where we’re at.

“I don’t feel like it. I don’t know what I feel like I am, but not that. ‘College-plus’, I’d call it; that’s how I feel. Like, there’s college, and then a season after that. The tail end of that season- that’s how I feel. But it’s still in my twenties.

“When you watch it, it’s really something. Turn on one episode, because when you watch it, you’re looking at these guys that remind you of your dad, and now they’re your age and younger.”

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