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Life’s Good

“I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college. I changed my major five times. I didn’t take school seriously for the first three attempts. What I learned during those years was to weed people out of your life- purge the toxicity. I now have a very high criteria for friends: honesty, transparency and of course we have to have something in common. You’ve got to watch your friends because they can drag you down.

“I finally decided on psychology because it was so thoroughly enjoyable that I didn’t have to take notes. I sat right up front and absorbed it all. People get psychology degrees for one of two reasons: They have someone they’d like to help, or they want to know more about themselves. For me, it was the latter. I needed to know why I ticked.

“I have the best job and the best fiance in the world. I want nothing more in life than to be home. I spend money on my car, my computer and my fiance. Life’s good.”

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