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Life Goals (part 1 of 2)

“I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. At the time [senior year of high school], I was not living with my family. I talk to all of them now, but at the time of moving up here, I did not talk to them. It was kind of hard, but a great transition coming to school here.

“Playing soccer in Texas was quite different, since I came from a small town and played against the same people that I knew growing up. It was cool to see everyone and where they all ended up going. Transitioning to SEMO to play soccer was a lot harder.

“I chose to play at SEMO because I love it here. I came on a visit and it felt like a family. Heather and Paul [coaches] were so great at the beginning that I knew it was my home; I knew this would be my new home coming from my hometown. It’s been amazing and I’m so glad I made that decision.

“One of my biggest accomplishments that is most amazing to me is that our team got an OVC ring. And out of those four years, I always told myself that one year we will beat the odds and we will prove everyone wrong and win a ring. I had 316 goals in high school; the most for both girls and boys high school soccer. I knew coming to college would be a lot harder, which is why I had one thing in mind: to get a ring in my four years here with the other girls on my team.”

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