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Keepin’ It Bright

“My family moved from Charleston about four years ago, and they came up here to Cape and I’ve been staying up here since then. I’ve just been trying to stay out of the way of things, You know what i mean? It’s easy to get in trouble, but hard to get out of. It is!

“When I was in high school, we used to have a lot of players, horn players, that played jazz and blues. When I heard it, it kinda caught my eye and it made me want to learn. I started off playing harmonica and keyboard, but then when I played the keyboard, I wanted to learn how to play the saxophone. So I started teaching myself how to play certain scales and notes and stuff. When you play for a while, your wind starts going lower, so you can’t play. That’s from a lot of smoking and stuff like that. There’s a lot in my area that play music. We play at church.

“I like playing live music more than stage. I like to get out there and play it. I get out here to play sometimes to keep myself from staying in the house and not having anything good to be doing in there. I was out here last night. It was cold last night; I was out here for a little bit and played, and chatted with the people. I like to brighten up people’s day when I play.

I’m out here just having fun, something to do.”

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