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By Faith We Move Mountains

“So, I transitioned out of property management into unemployed rock balancer a couple of years ago. The world’s my oyster, I guess.

“This is something that is unique enough for this area that I figured I should cultivate it… Because of the reaction I got from people. Doesn’t matter where I’m doing it; Dennis Scivally Park or here at the river, people stop what they’re doing and ask, ‘Oh, my God; how do you do that?!?’ and I tell them it’s the Holy Spirit; same way I do anything, you know. It’s kind of my go-to answer, ‘cause I didn’t really practice it or set out to be a rock balancer. I came down here, irritated at the situation in my life, and picked up a rock one day and just set it up on its point, and it stayed there. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s kinda weird,’ and I did a few more of them and came back the next day, and I’ve been doing that ever since.

“There’s a handful of people in the world that I’ve found that can balance them on the level that I can balance rocks at. But, you know, I think anybody can do it. God lets me do these things. I was gifted at an early age, doing things well, but humbly, it’s all ‘cause God lets me do those things, you know what I mean? And a little practice. It’s just a matter of practicing and believing you can. I tell people it’s faith in the physical form. Because I believe I can do it, I do it. You know, when Jesus was here, he said, ‘You can do the things I’m doing and much, much more…’ Even greater, man. So that’s what I’m trying to do.”

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